*If you had tested at an NJ pharmacy from December 26 – Present, your result, if we received your specimen, were placed in the portal we created for your facility. If your pharmacy provided your email, a copy was sent via email as well. Billing will be done by “Skippack Medical Lab”. Please reach out to your pharmacy with any questions.
Due to HIPAA regulations, we are unable to assist you via phone.  


Why do you need insurance information?

All COVID-19 testing centers ultimately have one goal: To improve access to testing to help identify patients to isolate them to help get them the help they need and keep them from spreading the virus. COVID-19 testing centers function in different ways. There are centers entirely funded at the county or state level that rely 100% on that funding to be able to cover the costs of the operation and lab testing. Unfortunately, this was not enough at the peak of the pandemic which is why both county testing centers and labs were overwhelmed causing massive delays. Therefore, both the federal government and insurance companies created a system to remove barriers for COVID-19 testing and treatment. This means no out of pocket costs to patients so they can get the care they need during the emergency pandemic declaration.

What does my insurance cover for this visit?

There are always two parts sent to insurances related to our testing: 1) the evaluation portion sent by the issuing provider and 2) the lab testing portion. sent by Skippack Medical Lab. Issuing providers always have a qualified professional on site (physician, nurse practitioner and/or physician assistant) and this gives us the ability to be more flexible than a lab only testing site. We can evaluate and test all ages, including infants and toddlers. Our clinicians see every patient and review their vital signs to ensure they meet testing guidelines. More importantly, our evaluations have led to directing medical care for some patients that have been lifesaving in certain cases. Lastly, for our patients impacted with Coronavirus, we have nurses and physicians that securely notify patients of their results, advise them of next steps, and notify the appropriate county health authorities.

Will my insurance cover these costs?

Most insurances cover both the testing and evaluation at a set, preapproved flat rate. There are occasions that insurances will deny either the lab or evaluation portion, sometimes both. In these cases there is nothing more for you to do, we will work directly with them to help correctly identify the reason for the testing so that they can help offset a portion of the costs related to your visit.

What if my insurance does not cover anything?

There are some occasions that an insurance will choose not to cover COVID-19 testing or evaluation. They may even send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) that may identify portions or the entire amount as “patient responsibility” or “you may owe.”

What if my insurance has mailed me payment for testing?

Occasionally, insurances may send you a check directly to cover the cost of services. You can email us a copy of your EOB (explanation of benefits) that came with the check to  skippackmedlab@gmail.com and we can help determine where to mail the check. If you receive an invoice from the lab this typically means your insurance has indicated that they have paid a portion of the cost and sent it directly to you. If this is not case, feel free to reach out to us or the lab directly to get clarification on this. Again, regardless of the circumstances, you will not have any out of pocket cost for our testing. Alternatively, you can endorse the check to Skippack Medical Lab and include a copy of the EOB and mail it to:

Skippack Medical Lab c/o Billing
200 Rittenhouse Circle East, Suite 9, Bristol, PA 19007